The Harel Lab

Experimental biology of vertebrate aging and age-related diseases

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Lab News:

Jan' 2024 | Congratulations to our own Tehila for getting the Muchrik Prize!

Dec' 2023 | Congratulations to Eitan and Tehila for a beautiful Preprint

Nov' 2023 | The lab was awarded the ERC Starting Grant by the European Union.

June' 2023 | Congratulations Gwen and Tehila for a beautiful paper.














Upcoming talks and events:

Dec' 2024 | SCRM 2024 Conference, Tel Aviv

Sep' 2024 | FASEB: Transcription, Chromatin Conference, Florida

April 2024 Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), Barcelona. 



Screenshot 2024-02-21 215103

The turquoise killifish model for experimental aging research. 

Harel I, Nature Methods (2022)