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Experimental biology of vertebrate aging and age-related diseases

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Lab News:

Oct' 2022 | Congratulations to our own Mathias Diehl for getting the postdoctoral Walter Benjamin fellowship from the DFG!

Feb' 2022 | Congratulations Gwen and Tehila for a beautiful Preprint.

Oct' 2021 | Congratulations Eitan and Gwen for a beautiful book chapter.

Oct' 2021 | Welcome to our new PhD student, Marva!

July 2021 | A night trip looking for scorpions @ Nahal Havarim

April' 2021 | Welcome to our new postdoc, Mathias! ūüôā

Sept' 2020 | A big welcome to our new MSc students, Tehila and Itai!

May 2020 | Celebrating two years for the lab with pizza and wine @ the Gazelle Valley Park

April 2020 | A big welcome to our new MSc student, Itai!

We are looking for highly motivated students and postdocs.

Jan' 2020 | We hit the evening news, have a look here (5:29'):

Jan' 2020 | Eitan receives the Levi Eshkol Fellowship, and the Polack prize!

Nov' 2019 | Henrik receives the Minerva Fellowship

July 2019 | Gwen receives the Lady Davis Scholarship

April 2019 | Celebrating one year to the lab with cheese and wine @ the Gazelle Valley Park

February 2019 | Eitan is giving a (somewhat) accurate introduction to aging research on national TV on "The Chase"!

February 2019 | Thank you all for a great genetics retreat!

January 2019 | A big welcome to our new PostDoc, Gwendoline!

October 2018 | Eitan receives the JBC 'Golden Opportunity Scholarship

June 2018 | Itamar named as Zuckerman STEM Leadership Scholar

June 2018 | The Harel Lab joins the Jerusalem Brain Community (JBC)




Upcoming talks and events:

April 2021 | Experimental Biology of Aging: Zuckerman Institute Science Series, with the America-Israel Friendship League and Benayoun lab. Have a look here!

Oct' 14th 2020 | BIRAX UK- Israel, Healthy Ageing Conference

July 2019 | Excited to teach in the "iCARB: Immersionin Comparative Aging and Regeneration Biology", An Applied Laboratory in Aging and Regeneration Research Models, Bar Harbor, Maine. 

April 2019 | EMBO workshop: Genome Dynamics in Neuroscience and Aging, Herzliya, April 7-11

January 2019 | Ageing and Epigenetics meeting, January 28-29th, at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

June 2018 | Excited to co-organize the 2nd Killifish meeting, June 7-9th 2018, Cologne

Sept 2018 | The 7th Genomics, Genetics and Evolution student organised meeting, Sep. 4th, 2018, HUJI

Sept 2018 | BIRAX Ageing Conference, Sep. 4-6th, 2018 at KCL, London



Young (top) and old (bottom) turquoise killifish

Exploring the Hallmarks of aging using the turquoise killifish

Transgenic fish expressing a fluorescent protein in the heart


The turquoise killifish model for experimental aging research. Important landmarks in the life history of humans and the turquoise killifish, and their respective timeline.

Harel I, Valenzano DR, Brunet A., Nature Protoc. 11 (2016)

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