A night trip, looking for scorpions

2021.07.22-23 @ Nahal Havarim

A festive (Purim) journal club

2021.02.25, @ the botanical gardens

A trip to The Israel Aquarium

2019.09.25, enjoying behind the scenes! 🙂

Celebrating two years to the lab!

2020.05.27, Pizza, wine, and cheese @ the Gazelle Valley Park (Jerusalem)

Celebrating one year to the lab!

2019.04.11, Cheese and wine @ the Gazelle Valley Park (Jerusalem)

2019.02 – Genetics retreat

Ein Gedi

Farewell party for Ariel & Lev

2019.08.29, enjoying beer and some breeze @ the BeerBazar


2019.06.27, Picnic at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

The African turquoise killifish habitat

Zimbabwe expedition with the Valenzano lab (March 2015)

Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe

Park on Google maps