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להזדקן כמו דגים

איתי נבו, מכון דווידסון 2019

Tiny fish swims to Israel to help unlock mystery of aging

By Abigail Klein Leichman, ISRAEL21c (2017)

Recommended in F1000 Prime

Recommended by David Lombard, F1000 (2016)

Made to Measure

Adam Bluestein discussing CRISPR , Proto Magazine (2016)


Fertile Waters for Aging Research

Adrienne M.Wang, Daniel E.L.Promislow, MattKaeberlein, Cell 160 (2015)

Research highlight:

Short-lived excitement

Michael Eisenstein, Nature Methods 12, 289 (2015)

In Short-Lived Fish, Secrets to Aging

Carl Zimmer, MATTER (FEB. 27, 2015)

Studying ageing using the African killifish

The Washington Post (2015)

חיים בהילוך מהיר (In Hebrew)

Noam Leviatan, SciPhile (2015)