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The turquoise killifish

Books and Reviews
Itamar Harel
Nature Methods, Volume 19 | October 2022 | 1150–1151 | 1150
Publication year: 2022

The African turquoise killifish (Nothobranchius furzeri): biology and research applications

Books and Reviews
Astre G., Moses E., and Harel I.
Publication year: 2021

The African turquoise killifish: a model for exploring vertebrate aging and diseases in the fast lane

Books and Reviews
Harel I, Brunet A
Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol 2015. 80: 275-279
Publication year: 2015

Development of craniofacial muscles

Books and Reviews
Harel I, and Tzahor E
In Francisco A, and McLoon L. (Eds.), Craniofacial Muscles (2013) pp. 11-28.
Publication year: 2013